Please contact us to discuss the details.

Current options:
     Option 1: Use the site free for the first month with a basic User Manual.
     Option 2: Use the site three months for a $200 fee plus one hour training time.
     Option 3: Use the site six months for a $300 fee plus two hours support time.
     Option 4: Use the site one year for a $1000 fee plus three hours support time.
     Option 5: We accept consulting assignments at a rate of $100 per hour.

We can provide the following services:
    License this Search Engine to do your own business
    Monitor new patents and provide reports
    Prior Art Investigation
    Support Patentability Analysis
    Support Patent Infringement Investigation

Contact Information:


415 Russell Avenue, unit 1102, Gaithersburg MD 20877

Phone: (301) 762-8552