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     This website is a patent discovery engine. It can fast screen who your competitors are, what they do and how they do it. This engine allows the user to quickly visualize the hidden data within the patents. For example, it facilitates the investiation of the FTO (Freedom To Operate), supports the investigation of patent infrindgement claim, and supports the investigation of validity/invalidity, in particular. it facilitates the investigation of indefiniteness claim.
     Each client can use the system free for the first month. Onsite demonstration or training classes can be arranged. Special discount is available for special groups of clients. We also offer contract services. For details and inquiries please contact Aplix Research, Inc.
     Disclaimer: The results of this engine (i.e., website) are provided for the convenience of the user. Usage for legal purpose must also refer to the corresponding official publication of the respective documents. We hold no responsibility for any damage that may occur from the use of this website and its search engine. If you agree with this disclaimer please go to Sign-In.

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